The best use of home appliances in 10 years

The reader of this newspaper, Ms. Zhang, consulted and saw that some old appliances used by parents were always worried. I would like to ask how long the service life of home appliances is generally.
Home appliance helper: The use of hidden dangers caused by fires in the use of over-aged home appliances is not uncommon. For most consumers, the age of home appliances may not have any concept in their eyes, and they can only be used again. In the future, this appliance will officially retire. However, professionals remind the public that the best use of home appliances in 10 years, otherwise it is cheap and over-aged to cause a safety accident.

Refrigerator washing machine over-age use doubles power consumption: If the refrigerator and washing machine have been used for more than 10 years, the power consumption of these two household appliances will be about twice that of the previous one, so it is a big burden for users. And the basic functions of the refrigerator and washing machine will be greatly reduced, affecting our normal use.

Air conditioning over-age use affects health: After years of use, the air conditioner will have loud noise, increased power consumption, slow cooling heat, remote control, and bad odour. There are two hidden dangers: one is outside Because the machine bracket is exposed to the outside for a long time, it is easy to corrode and rust, and it is loose and bent, which poses a safety hazard. Secondly, the air conditioner that has not been cleaned for a long time is easy to breed bacteria, and then spreads the virus and affects public health.

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