One year of fatigue enjoys cherry blossom security

One year of fatigue Enjoy cherry blossom security

No matter how good the product quality is, there will be an aging day after a long period of operation. Careful care and maintenance are required to extend the lifespan. Take the water heater that is indispensable in your home, and for regular and safe operation, regular inspections and maintenance are essential.

This time coincides with the cherry blossom water heater security inspection season, from June until the end of August, to all cherry blossom users throughout the country free of charge to the water heater parts, installation specifications, circuits and lines are safe, etc. to do a detailed The comprehensive inspection eliminates security risks and allows consumers to rest assured for the entire year.

One year of fatigue enjoys cherry blossom security

Sakura’s “Permanent Free Security Check” began in 1986, and every year from June to August will allow consumers to enjoy reliable services. For example, water heater safety awareness campaigns have been launched in communities across the country to allow more people to realize the importance of safety inspections.

Life is more intelligent and networked, providing people with a convenient lifestyle. Cherry Blossom has also played a new trick this year, pioneering the online “cloud security inspection”. It does not need to simply rely on telephone bookings and receiving and sending reply cards. It can directly log onto the official website and go to the security check page. Follow the steps to make it easy. Will be able to detect whether the water heater from home has hidden safety problems.

One year of fatigue enjoys cherry blossom security

If you test out the results of security risks, cherry blossom professional security personnel will quickly contact you for free on-site inspection according to the detailed address you fill in on the webpage, for the sake of each user's safety, to eliminate all the troubles of consumers and enjoy every day. Happy bathing life.

The current security inspection service has started for more than two months. If your home’s water heater is newly purchased and you do not enjoy cherry blossom security, the water heater will be operating at a high load for a year, and now it is time for security inspections. Oh!

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