LED intelligent lighting encounters market chills, what is truly smart products?

After the success of smart phones, many products have targeted the product development direction of intelligence, so there have been "smart color TV", "smart air conditioner", "smart car", "smart lighting", etc., "intelligent" of electrical products It is no longer a matter of the past two years. It seems that as long as the word "smart" is used, it represents an upgrade of the product, but in fact, for these so-called "smart" products, the market reaction is mostly cold. .

What is a "smart" product? Many people think that as long as there is a remote control, there is a cloud, there are mode settings, it is a smart product. In fact, such a concept is wrong. Today's so-called "smart" products only make things more complicated, thinking that consumers are "fans" who play products, but ignore the essence of products. Not long ago, I went to a smart home experience house, which turned simple actions such as turning on lights, pulling curtains, and playing music into life skills that took time to learn and adapt. In these so-called "smart" products. In front of me, I feel that my IQ seems to be too low. Imagine who will spend money to buy a bunch of "smart products" that they will never even live in? These so-called "intelligence" are at best "pseudo-intelligence".

So what is a real smart product? The key is to look at the user experience, whether it can be more convenient, simpler, and closer to humanity. The success of a smartphone is that it allows users to implement things that were previously impossible in the simplest way. Remote control is definitely a "smart" operation for a TV set, but it may not be necessary to turn the lights on or off.

Real smart products will make our lives easier, not more complicated.

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