Snow Wright pushes LED lights to become the "first mover" in the automotive lighting industry

In recent years, with the low energy consumption and long life advantages of LED automotive lighting, it has been gradually discovered and recognized, coupled with the implementation of daytime running lights regulations in the EU, Canada and other places (allowing or forcing the use of LED low beam lights during the day), Big car manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and other famous brands have launched new cars with LED car lights to attract customers. To this end, the LED automotive lamp industry has also become a huge market for many automotive lighting companies to compete for.

At present, most of the LED car light companies cooperate with automobile manufacturers. The LED car lights produced are directly configured as auto parts. These lamps are called front-mounted LED car lights and are standard equipment. However, as more and more car owners understand the advantages of LED car lights, they are increasingly eager to modify LED headlights for private cars. At present, the domestic market for such rear-mounted LED car lamps is not mature. There are not many excellent enterprises and high-quality products. This has become one of the important reasons for limiting the modification of the LED car lamp industry. However, this status quo is about to change.

Shell Wright has launched the latest development of the rear-mounted LED car lights - the forerunner, the product has been strongly watched by many domestic and foreign brands. The hot consultation and appointment scenes not only showcased Shellett's leading position in the field of automotive lighting, but also may indicate that the aftermarket LED car lamp market will usher in a new round of changes.

It is understood that as the most influential rear-mounted LED car lamp manufacturer in China, the LED car lamp produced by Shell Wright - compared with similar products, whether in brightness, light source, or startup time, heat dissipation There are obvious advantages in terms of performance and so on.

In terms of brightness, the Shelllight LED car light uses the US (CREE) POWERLED chip to achieve ultra-high brightness through ultra-high current output. After testing, the snowlight LED lights have increased the brightness of traditional car lights by 80%.

In terms of light source, LED car light pioneers have continued the Shelllight health lighting concept. The color temperature of 5000K/6500K is close to daylight, which can protect the driver's comfortable vision and the visual barrier of the neighboring car/car driver. At the same time, it can also ensure that the driver can find and see the traffic signs as easily as during the day, so that they can be found at a long distance and improve driving safety.

In addition, the advantage of zero-second start-up is also a key factor for the pioneers of LED car lights. Experienced drivers know that the start-up time of a car light determines the safety of the driver in many cases. When using Snowlight to start the LED light as the taillight of the car in zero seconds, it can leave more reaction time for the follow-up car driver, thus minimizing the occurrence of traffic accidents.

LED car light snow Wright <br> <br> and cooling system in the industry recognized the LED thermal management difficult aspects, Wright has also been a major breakthrough. Snowlight LED light pioneers monitor and automatically adjust the temperature of the bulb itself by providing an intelligent and efficient cooling system to minimize the load on the LED chip and extend the life of the LED car.

For the future development of LED car lights, industry experts predict that the rear-mounted LED car lights will be an important area for the automotive LED market to develop rapidly and have great potential. The launch of Shell Wright's pioneering LED car lights further strengthens Shellett's position as a pioneer in automotive lighting.

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