LED packaging trends and challenges in lighting and backlight applications

The IT industry, such as backlit TVs, monitors, and mobile phones, has been the main driving force behind the growth of the LED market. At present, LED backlight penetration has exceeded 90% of the TV market. Ordinary lighting is gradually replacing IT as the dominant force, driving LEDs to penetrate rapidly in the wider market.

The backlighting market's requirements for LED packaging have shifted to achieving better design and performance, such as thinner TVs, narrower borders, higher resolution and wider color gamut. The indoor and outdoor lighting market is still concerned about LED lumens per watt (light efficiency) and lumens per dollar (cost). Price reductions and performance improvements depend on more advanced epitaxial and chip technologies, better optical systems, smarter drive circuits, and innovative thermal management methods. As the middle of the LED value chain, the package directly affects the cost performance, light quality, color reproduction, and reliability of the terminal products. In the speech, Liu Guoxu elaborated on the development status and technology trends of LED packaging, as well as the challenges in lighting and backlight applications.

LED lighting will include three stages of penetration: from LED replacement lamps to LED fixtures to future LED smart lighting . The form and function of the package also evolved in response to these three phases. For example, high-efficiency medium-power SMD packages are suitable for linear lamps and bulbs, and high-density integration of high-power flip-chips on COB is expected to eventually replace ceramic metal halide lamps. High-voltage LED chips and linear IC drive technology help dimming color and integration with miniaturization, sensing, security, and smart home.

In terms of backlighting, the new green and red phosphors enhance the color saturation of TVs, and quantum dot technology is the quality of OLEDs for LCD TVs to achieve ultra-wide color gamut. Chip-scale packaging (WLP) and white-light flip-chips for chip-scale packaging (CSP) will reduce the number of LEDs in direct-lit TV backlights by 50%, reducing system cost.

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