Tengsheng Control Glue was recognized as a famous trademark enterprise in Guangdong Province

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Gan Qin] On December 22, 2014, Guangdong Trademark Network released the “2014 Guangdong Famous Trademark Publicity”. Approved by the Guangdong Provincial Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, it is proposed to identify 350 trademarks such as “CHNV” as Guangdong famous trademarks (see Attachment 1 at the end of the article). Among them, Lu Guoming, the general manager of Shenzhen Tengsheng Industrial Equipment, is listed as an applicant.

Previously, domestically produced equipment was in a state of being untrusted by the manufacturers. In recent years, the domestic equipment enterprises represented by Tengsheng have been continuously researching and developing and innovating in equipment technology, and have been highly appraised by the market, breaking the embarrassing situation that the current proportion of domestically produced equipment is insufficient.

Established in 2003, Tengsheng Industrial Equipment has long been committed to the research and development of industrial automation equipment system solutions system equipment. It is a professional industrial automation solution provider and a leading brand of rubber control equipment in China. After more than ten years of development, Tengsheng has formed a series of professional industrial automation solutions to meet the changing needs of customers.

In Lu Guoming's view, as domestically produced equipment gradually enters the mainstream supply chain system, the brand influence and reputation of domestically produced equipment are gradually showing effects.

“The current production capacity of domestically produced equipment is more than 150% higher than that of imported similar equipment.” Lu Guoming said, “National equipment is slightly higher in automation function configuration than imported similar equipment, and is more designed to meet user needs, and the speed of equipment innovation is even higher. fast."

In addition, Lu Guoming also pointed out that in the future, high-precision, high-performance fully automated smart devices will become the mainstream trend in the packaging industry, and the LED industry is entering a new round of equipment replacement in the past two years. At the same time, the market structure of the original equipment industry is being broken by domestic equipment companies.

Lu Guoming said that "Guangdong Province's famous trademark" is an internal and external review of the company's comprehensive strength. This time, it is the official recognition of the reputation and reputation of the Teng Shing brand by the government and national authorities. Shengli’s independent intellectual property rights are strongly supported by legal guarantees.

In the future, Tengsheng will continue to focus on the construction of core competitiveness such as technological innovation and brand, accelerate the development of dispensing equipment business, and solve problems such as low operating efficiency, low product qualification rate, high production cost, high labor cost and difficult process solving for users. To contribute to the development of human manufacturing.

Annex 1: 2014 Guangdong Famous Trademark Publicity

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