LED lighting business model diversified Australian capital favored

LED lighting has been developing in the form of acceleration since it gradually penetrated the market in 2010. In the end market, more and more consumers are designating LED lighting products. However, after all, LED lighting has a relatively short development time, and its business model has suffered from the current environmental impact. There are some different ways from the past.

In the era of traditional lighting, the business model is divided into four phases: the first phase is the “traditional wholesale phase”, each broker earns its own level of profit; the second phase is the “agent phase”, which is considered by the middlemen. The profit brought by the completion of sales; the third stage is “specialty store, branch stage”, the enterprise considers the landing of brand image and brand value-added more; the fourth stage is “operation center stage”, and the interests of enterprises and merchants further Bundle and blend. In this process, lighting companies have also tested modes such as direct stores and franchise chains.

In the era of LED lighting, business model changes are more diversified. The involvement of e-commerce has given LED lighting more opportunities to face end consumers. LED lighting companies developed by e-commerce, such as Ao Duo and Han Yuan, have won the favor of many capitals in the short term. Through the marriage with the listed company Zhouming Technology, Hanyuan quickly realized the upgrade of the brand. Nowadays, the exploration and landing of “O2O” allows more companies to embrace the technology of the technology era and realize the leap-forward development of the brand.

According to the statistics of relevant institutions, the current penetration rate of LED lighting in China is still less than 50%; in Australia, America, Europe and other regions, the penetration rate is even less than 30%. In addition, LED lighting products are favored and selected by more and more consumers due to their energy saving, environmental protection and health. In the business model, the business model of LED lighting is constantly evolving and constantly improving. In particular, the application of the "O2O" concept in the field of LED lighting, more LED lighting companies such as Chau Ming Technology, Op, Foshan Lighting, Snow Wright, etc. are constantly trying and researching in the field of e-commerce and offline channels.

Today, the global capital market is also focusing on the development of China's LED lighting industry, as is the Australian capital market. ZhanTeng Group has in-depth understanding of many LED companies with the help of large lighting platform and has established a good communication and communication platform for Australian investors.

Adjustable 12V DC 500W 6/17CH  Rack Mounted Integrated Power Supply 1U

This product is based on the standard 19-inch cabinet assembly, meticulous design and manufacture, adopting modular design, input voltage 90V AC--246V AC, can output 5V DC/12V DC/ 24V DC / 48V DC, A total of 16 channels are divided into 4 groups of output, digital display, Each set of voltage can be adjusted, total power 600W, with lightning protection, over-voltage protection , over-current protection , overload protection , over-temperature protection and indicator acousto-optic and alarm function, power outages can be self-locking.


Use of efficient, environmental protection switching power supply circuit frame

Modular 1U standard 19" rack mount chassis
Small ripple & noise -- video output signal more stable, clearly images
Splitter output -- by-pass failure to protect other equipment to work
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It widely used in banks, government units, buildings, office buildings, garden community, square, Factory, prison, road traffic, gas station, ship and other machine rooms, can dock intelligent APPDU system, embedded in the back-end security system management platform, is an ideal intelligent security integrated power supply and Management System.


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1U Rack-mounted DC power supply

Power Supply 12VDC

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