[Yearly Meeting] Are you ready for LED to enter the brand competition period?

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Yue Mengdi] "The 21st century is destined to be illuminated by LEDs." After the Blue LED won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, the LED industry finally got the tone to make such a sound.

The bright future of LED has attracted more and more companies to come in. The increase in entrants has brought fierce competition while reducing the cost of consumer adoption in the LED industry.

LED lighting has rapidly shifted from industrial applications to consumer applications. Today, as incandescent lamps are about to leave the historical arena, more and more people are beginning to contact, understand and familiar with LED lighting, a more energy-efficient, more advanced and more humane lighting product.

However, the broad market prospects for LED lighting are still constrained by the somewhat chaotic market conditions.

In 2014, the number of roads running in China's LED lighting industry has gradually increased, and the scale of enterprises running has also continued to record high. According to the analysis of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), the capital chain break is the number one killer of enterprises in the LED lighting industry. One of the reasons for the break of the capital chain is that the price/performance ratio cannot keep up with the needs of market customers.

To improve the cost performance, the most important thing is to reduce the cost while maintaining or even improving the performance and quality of the product.

At the 2014 High-tech LED Annual Meeting, Sun Yong, general manager of Sunshine Lighting pointed out: “Brand=Quality+Quality+Character, low-priced and low-quality products lose character, only consider that price is the embodiment of single value, price positioning determines taste; Attitude determines quality. After a reasonable price, the brand is more influential than the price."

The positioning of the enterprise directly determines the level of its taste, while the good taste needs to be highlighted by the good quality of the product, while the character is the most direct expression of the core values ​​of a company. To build a brand is to integrate the company's good taste, the good quality of the product and the good character of the company to the market and customers.

Perhaps the most successful example of a banner for a brand is Apple. "iPhone6 ​​is out, is the kidney ready?" The jokes used by the users for teasing clearly reveal their eager pursuit of Apple phones. The well-targeted and unique Apple mobile phone will attract the attention of the world every time a new product launch will be held. After the new product comes out, the world is going crazy. Pricing power Apple has a lot to say, but there are still tireless users lining up to snap up the night.

This is the most obvious power of the brand.

When competitors become more prestigious, the importance of brands is highlighted when the product forms and value patterns of the companies in the LED industry chain are very similar. As Guan Yong said, low-priced companies lack the investment stamina, and the effects of price and brand will be tested in time.

LED has gone from the era of profiteering to the current era of small profits. In the turmoil of the collapse of the boss's lost company, the brand value may be the biggest dawn. Building a brand and believing in the power of the brand may be able to go further.

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