Ni-MH battery maintenance and use

Ni-MH battery maintenance and use

1. Under normal circumstances, new nickel-metal hydride batteries contain only a small amount of electricity. Everybody must first charge and then use it. However, if the battery has a short delivery time and the battery is full, it is recommended to use it before recharging it.

2. Newly purchased nickel-metal hydride batteries generally need to be charged and used for 3-4 times, so that the performance can be brought into the best condition. The small problems encountered by many friends for the first time charging, such as the number of PP shots after the first charge Imagine so much? After 3-4 times of charging and use, it will be solved.

3. Although the nickel-metal hydride battery has a small memory effect, it is recommended that you try to charge it every time you use it, and it is a one-time charge. Do not charge it for a while and then recharge it. This is an important point of "longevity."

4. When charging the battery, pay attention to the heat dissipation around the charger. It is not necessary to use too much fan blowing. However, be careful not to place too many sundries around the charger. When an ordinary user uses a battery, the battery often does not have a dedicated storage bag; after the user replaces the battery, he or she will habitually place the battery readily, regardless of whether the place is clean or wet. The consequence of this is that the battery is easily soiled, the contacts are easily in contact with metal enamels such as keys, etc., and are prone to moisture, and these are the enemy of batteries. Recommendation: Users should set a battery-specific placement point and keep the battery clean. To prevent battery drain and other problems from occurring, keep the contacts on both sides of the battery and the inside of the battery cover clean, and use a soft, clean, dry cloth to wipe lightly if necessary.

5. When not in use for a long time, remember to remove the battery from the battery compartment and put it in a dry battery pack to avoid short circuit.

6, long-term unused nickel-metal hydride batteries will be stored for several months, the battery naturally into a "sleep" state, greatly reducing battery life. If the NiMH battery has been placed for a long time, it is recommended that you use a slow charge to charge. Here is another key question: For nickel-metal hydride batteries, should the battery be fully discharged before it is stored, or can it be charged? Which of these two very different viewpoints should be adopted? Many people think that the former should be adopted, but the author thinks that the preservation of the battery is more reasonable. Because: According to tests, the best conditions for nickel-metal hydride batteries to save is about 80% of the charged. This is because the self-discharge of nickel-metal hydride batteries is relatively large (approximately 10%-15% a month). If the battery is fully discharged and then stored, it will not be used for a long time, and the self-discharge of the battery will cause the battery to over-discharge. It will damage the battery. Do not believe? Then you think about whether the newly purchased nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery has electricity, which is the reason. Suggestions: Compare and correct mistakes, and start to maintain the battery in the right direction. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive.

7. How to discharge NiMH? Try not to discharge the NiMH battery. Overdischarging will lead to charging failure. The harm of doing so is far greater than the memory effect of the Ni-MH battery itself!

8, multimeter self-test battery is full or not. Generally, the voltage of the nickel-metal hydride battery is below 1.2V before charging, and the normal voltage is about 1.4V after charging. With this judgment, it is easy to judge the status of the battery.

9, the charger is mainly divided into fast charge and slow charge. The slow charge current is small, usually around 200mA. For example, our common charging current is around 160mA. Her charging time is long, and it takes about 16 hours to charge a 1800mAh nickel-metal hydride battery. Although the time is slower, the charge will be sufficient and the battery will not be damaged. Fast charge current is usually above 400mA, charging time is significantly reduced, 3-4 hours can be done, also won everyone's favorite. There are many types of fast charge, and prices vary. Therefore, people often have doubts. The same is a fast charge. Why does the price differ greatly? Good chargers, especially good fast chargers are equipped with anti-overcharge protection features. For example, our common Panasonic BQ 390 charger performs particularly well in this area. Excellent chip software design capabilities are also used to charge the battery. Minimized damage to the battery by fast charging.

10. Contradictions arise: slow charging does not hurt the battery but the charging time is too long; fast charging can save time, but it has damage to the battery, even the best Panasonic Need Charger BQ390 in the world is only a good way to reduce the degree of injury. However, it cannot be completely avoided. The solution to the conflict is to buy a fast charge and a slow charge. Use a quick charge for a period of time, such as 5 or 10 times, and then use a slow charge to charge it once or twice. This in turn restores the battery's performance to its best.

11, when the battery is used are generally battery packs, is 4 or 6 in series together, this time, to maintain the balance of each cell is very important, or because of one of the battery problems affect the work of the entire battery pack. First of all, to ensure that the battery capacity is consistent, it is best to choose the same brand of the same type of battery purchased at the same time. Then, to keep the battery's internal power consistent, simply put, the battery pack is either full or empty. If there are more batteries that make up several battery packs, try selecting them. Specifically, battery cells with similar parameters, such as capacity and voltage, are connected in series to form a group of battery packs. Due to insufficient conditions, it is usually sufficient to measure the voltage after discharge and the voltage of the charged battery.

12, finally talk about charge and discharge.

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