Popular applications for inventory machine vision technology

Canada is a vast country in North America with a vast territory. Northern Canada is close to the Arctic. In the winter, blizzard icy weather has a great impact on road traffic. Monitoring the winter road conditions is an indispensable task for them to check maintenance service requirements, compare the effects of different treatment methods, and evaluate different road sections. The quality of the pavement maintenance service. Real-time traffic information is important for pedestrians on the road, and they can use this information to adjust the itinerary and decide whether or not to drive, such as when, what transportation, and where to go.

Recently, researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada have developed a computer vision and artificial intelligence-assisted winter road condition monitoring system that collects and transmits road condition data in real time using low-cost, non-dedicated hardware such as machine vision cameras and temperature sensors. . Compared to existing solutions, the system can be installed on a variety of vehicles to provide a more objective assessment of road conditions and a wider range of time and space coverage for road condition monitoring.

The application status of machine vision in China

In fact, machine vision technology not only plays an important role in road monitoring, but also widely used in other fields. The large-scale application field has gradually expanded from the initial electronics and pharmaceutical industries to packaging, automotive and other fields, and has also been widely used in transportation, printing and other industries.

Food safety monitoring

In the production of flow-through operations and product quality testing, it is sometimes necessary for staff to observe, identify, and detect errors and omissions in the production process. No matter how strong the person's sense of responsibility and concentration, he may be fatigued, negligent, and distracted, causing counterfeit goods to flow to the market.


Increased competition in manufacturing and cost pressures have forced them to focus on the quality of production efficiency that will promote the application of machine vision technology. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, some artificial links in industrial production and management are gradually being replaced by machines. Machine vision systems are characterized by increased flexibility and automation. In some dangerous working environments that are not suitable for manual work or where artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements, machine vision is often used instead of artificial vision. At the same time, in large-scale industrial production process, manual visual inspection is used to check product quality with low efficiency and low precision. Machine vision inspection methods can greatly improve production efficiency and automation of production. Moreover, machine vision is easy to implement information integration, and is the basic technology to realize computer integrated manufacturing.

At the same time, machine vision technology can also play a role in super-standard emissions of soot, sewage and so on. Using machine vision, you can find out the abnormal situation of fire and smoke in the machine room and production workshop in time. The use of face detection and face recognition technology in machine vision can help enterprises strengthen the control and management of entrances and exits, improve management level and reduce management costs.

Solar energy, traffic monitoring

The development of emerging industries in recent years has also brought new market space to the machine vision market. In the solar field, solar cell and module producers use machine vision to detect products, identify and track products, and assemble products. In the field of traffic monitoring, it is possible to use license plate recognition technology and image analysis technology to automatically identify license plates and find illegal parking, retrograde, and traffic accident vehicles. In addition, such as geological disasters have great space for machine vision technology such as earthquake prevention, landslides, debris flow, volcanic eruption detection and prevention, and hydrological monitoring for river hydrological observations.

Machine vision industry has broad market prospects

The market size of the machine vision industry will continue to grow steadily, reaching 3 billion yuan in 2015. China's transportation, environmental protection and military industry are the three major markets in the future. The total global visual market is about $7 billion, and is growing at an annual rate of 8.8%.

At present, China's machine vision is developing in two major directions, one is embedded, such as sensors and smart cameras, and the other is PC-based solutions using boards and SDKs. The two cannot be said to be superior or inferior, and they all have their own applicable occasions and applicable periods.

PC-based products using boards and SDKs have a long history. It is the concept of image processing before the development of machine vision in the industrial control field. It has continued to the present. It requires users to have a good programming foundation and a wealth of experience in field applications.

Embedded system products have higher processing speed and precision after applying high-speed devices, which can basically meet high-end applications, which makes embedded products can cover the needs of high, medium and low-end, thus constantly preempting the original PC-based. Market for products using boards and SDKs.

The machine vision system can be used as the sensing layer of intelligent transportation, and the intelligent transportation has a broad prospect. According to the latest “China Urban Intelligent Transportation Market Research Report” published by China Transportation Technology Network, the number of urban intelligent transportation 10 million projects in 2012 was 235, a year-on-year increase of 26%; the market scale of the tens of millions of projects totaled 6.81 billion yuan. Increased by 46%.

The commercialization of machine vision products in China cannot be limited to winter road monitoring. To find a way to apply it in daily life, combined with mobile Internet, it is inseparable from cooperation with maps. The proposed investment method is a technology model for technology licensing and technology transfer, such as joint map providers (such as Gaode Map and Baidu Map).

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Electric energy into machinery to promote the fan rotation

The rotor of the DC cooling fan includes the DC cooling fan blades, which is the source of the air flow, the fan shaft, which is used to support the balance blade rotation, the rotor ring, the permanent magnet, the key to switch the speed of the magnetic level, Fixed magnetic ring. In addition, it also includes the support of the spring, through which the components are fixed to the tuberculosis to rotate the entire part, the motor part, the production rotation direction, and the dynamic size of the rotation speed key. Its speed performance, control is simple.

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