Raglite offers portable, rugged LED lighting with Kickstarter

If you've ever wanted to take pictures or videos, Raglite can make your life easier. The lighting system provides a flexible LED light that can be illuminated in any situation, whether media or not. Currently Kickstarter, Raglite a lot of useful apps.

Raglite was founded by two producers who wanted to make lighting easier and more efficient. In order to give Raglite the flexibility, they are affixed with a series of rough and chaotic backing of LED strips, and through LED technology, absorb energy and illuminate your room.

Unlike many lights, Raglite does not emit heat and is "almost indestructible." The team behind the project posted some velcro stickers in the corner, so you can put Raglite on the washers or other items, everything is where you need it. It can also be used as a home lighting or as a little focused light.

Great flexibility adds a layer of utility, a perfect balance of tungsten or daylight, providing the right illumination every time. It can also be folded up for easy handling, and in order to make it a more portable feel, the team said they will have a rechargeable battery finished.

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