Popular commentary shares takeaway platform

Popular commentary shares takeaway platform

The public comment began to staking up after Tencent entered the stock market, accelerating the pace of investment. Yesterday, Public Comments and existing investors announced that they would spend 80 million US dollars to invest in food and beverage takeaway O2O platform "hungry" and announced that will be in the business data, takeaway services and platform traffic docking and integration.

It is understood that the founding team of “Hungry” will continue to have control of the company, maintain independent operations and development, and plan to go public three years later.

For the introduction of public comments, “Hungry,” CEO Zhang Xuhao said that in the coming year, he will strive to increase the platform's daily average order volume from the current 100,000 single to one million, and quickly complete the full coverage of catering restaurants across the country. The industry believes that when you are hungry, you value the platforms and traffic advantages of public comment. You can use the mid- to high-end traffic of the public comment to achieve a full range of takeaway services from the student market to mid- to high-end, while the public comment can quickly rely on hunger to expand the delivery. The business and its coverage of the city, to achieve the first staking in the current takeaway market without giants.

According to data released by Pintuo Consulting in 2013, it is expected that the catering O2O market will reach 91.3 billion in 2014, and will exceed 120 billion in 2015. Online meal ordering has become an important force for the gradual rise of catering O2O. In fact, the public comment has also accelerated its layout in catering since last year.

At the public commentary 2014 annual meeting speech, public commentator CEO Zhang Tao had said internally that he hopes the online restaurant booking service in 2014 will surpass OpenTable (the world's largest catering online reservation service provider) in number of merchants. As you can see, the public comment is hoping to improve its restaurant closed-loop through reviews, online booking, payment, and takeaway. In this regard, the public commentator co-founder and vice president, Long Wei, said that the closed-loop trading of vertical life services has become the next competition point for the Internet giant.

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